I have the following piece of Latex code. I receive this warning:

Package pstool Warning: No file "epsfigure.tex" or "epsfigure-psfrag.tex" can be found that may contain macros for "epsfigure.eps" on input line 24.

while I have put the .eps figure in the directory. What I should do to get rid of this warning that I see in all my latex files?

Thanks a lot

\pgfplotsset{compat = newest}
\epstopdfsetup{update} % only regenerate pdf files when eps file is newer

  Some text... Suddenly a figure!


  \caption{} \label{fig:final_3}

  • Into a directory or a same folder? – Sebastiano Jan 7 at 11:55
  • In the same folder – Yousef Vh Jan 7 at 15:33
  • But the files are .eps or .ps? – Sebastiano Jan 9 at 0:00
  • they are .eps figures. – Yousef Vh Jan 10 at 18:05

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