I hate asking this as there are so many similar question, but this changes for every format and every other year, and I just couldn't find the right way, so... can anyone assist?


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Got a reply form acmtexsupport@aptaracorp.com on the matter, and thought I will share for future knowledge. Generally, it is not recommended, but you can join authors into one block as suggested in the acmguide.pdf :


This results though in very unesthetic formatting with only one block. What they suggested is to create several blocks, each with several writers and one affiliation. A bit awkward, but it works well...

Example as given to me:

\author{First Author}
\author{Second Author}
\author{Third Author}
\affiliation{\institution{University of Umbhali}
  \city{Pretoria} \country{South Africa}}

\author{Fourth Author}
\author{Fifth Author}
\affiliation{\institution{University of Umbhali}
  \city{Pretoria} \country{South Africa}}

\author{Sixth Author}
\author{Seventh Author}
\affiliation{\institution{University of Umbhali}
  \city{Pretoria} \country{South Africa}}

Hope this helps someone. Thanks!

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