I want to typeset a hooked right arrow (i.e. \hookrightarrow) with two hooks at the beginning (a notation for a compact embedding), but was unable to find it in the comprehensive symbol list. Is there a package providing such a symbol or what's a good way to create such a symbol myself?

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My own attempt (with original spacing of \hookrightarrow as reference):

compiled output


% double hooked arrow with length of normal hooked arrow

% double hooked arrow with length of hook + \hookrightarrow


$A \doublehookrightarrow B$, $\iota_{A \doublehookrightarrow B}$

$A \doublehookrightarrowalt B$, $\iota_{A \doublehookrightarrowalt B}$

% for spacing reference:
$A \hookrightarrow B$, $\iota_{A \hookrightarrow B}$

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    I don't think you'll get a much better answer than the one you've already provided; this seems like the correct way to define this symbol. Jan 8, 2019 at 20:19

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