I would like to get the date of the monday of the first week of a year from only the year
The purpose is a week planner where I put one week on each page and as most of the years first weeks monday is in the last year, so I have to calculate that date
I already thought about some kind of \ifdate{Monday}.... with many ifs to get a 'stupid' solution, but I would like an 'efficient' solution and somehow I just can't get into latex very well and I still don't understand what structures are used in this language and how that whole thing works as it is very abstract

  • Just to get it clear, you are here talking about a so-called “ISO week”, where the rule is that a week (which is Monday–Sunday) belongs to the year which has the majority of the week's days, or equivalently, the year of the week's Thursday? – Harald Hanche-Olsen Jan 7 at 23:02
  • Do you specifically need that Monday, or the week day of the 1st January? – Skillmon Jan 7 at 23:04
  • thanks for asking! no, I want to get the monday of the week, even if the 01-01 is a sunday, so in that case I would like to get the 12-26 of the previous year – Marcel H. Jan 7 at 23:05
  • @marcoPolio do you know any efficient algorithm one could implement, that does that? – Skillmon Jan 7 at 23:06
  • @Skillmon no not really, it doesn't really have to be efficient, I just would like to have a less stupid approach than my \ifdate{Monday}... – Marcel H. Jan 7 at 23:09

pgfcalendar has methods to calculate the weekday of a given date. The following uses it to define \MondaysDateIs as the date of the first weeks Monday of a year given to \GetMondaysDate:



    \or % 1
      \edef\MondaysDateIs{\the\YearCount -12-31}%
    \or % 2
      \edef\MondaysDateIs{\the\YearCount -12-30}%
    \or % 3
      \edef\MondaysDateIs{\the\YearCount -12-29}%
    \or % 4
      \edef\MondaysDateIs{\the\YearCount -12-28}%
    \or % 5
      \edef\MondaysDateIs{\the\YearCount -12-27}%
    \or % 6
      \edef\MondaysDateIs{\the\YearCount -12-26}%


enter image description here

  • weell, that's kind of the approach that I thought of, but it looks a lot better than what I would have done! thanks a lot, that solves my problem completely :) – Marcel H. Jan 7 at 23:47

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