I use the cleveref package to produce equation references like Figure 3 and Equation (12). The parentheses for equation references are fine most of the time, but it seems silly when the reference is already enclosed by parentheses.

When I use ...(e.g. \Cref{eqn:ExampleEqn}), it typesets it as ...(e.g. Equation (6)). What I want is it to look like ...(e.g. Equation 6).

I know \citep{} has the ability to typeset citations differently: \citep[e.g.][]{Author2019} produces (at least, using the Elsevier author-year citation style) (e.g. Author, 2019). I'm hoping for something like this with cleveref.

Does cleveref have a "clever" way to reference things inside parentheses so that it doesn't add the extra set of parentheses? If so, how? If not, what is a good way to do that for this one time (similar SX questions have answers that generally are for the entire document)?

  • are you sure you really want that? it sticks out to me as inconsistent; I personally prefer to typeset with square brackets for equations [Eqn. (6)]. That's the way aps journals do it as well, if I'm not mistaken. – Troy Jan 7 at 23:20
  • Will there always be just one equation number to cross-reference in this parenthetic manner? Or might there be instances of the type (e.g., Equations 4, 5, and 7)? – Mico Jan 7 at 23:30

Make the parentheses to be inserted by macros which you can redefine at will.




a=b \label{test}




enter image description here

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