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Im trying to use the package TikZ by inserting \usepackage{TikZ} into my preamble on TexStudio however it keeps coming up with the error that TikZ.sty is not found. I have MiKTeX and have checked the console to see that it is allowing for missing packages although i am not sure what link should be in the gap for where the packages are downloaded?

Does anyone know why my TikZ package would not be working?


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    in the recent miktex the tikz is broaken. we should wait for new miktex version ... – Zarko Jan 8 at 0:04
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    @Zarko Did you read the question? – marmot Jan 8 at 0:17
  • @marmoth, did i miss read it? if i did, than i apologies to all for any inconvenience (i'm still under impression that tikz doesn't work in recent miktex). – Zarko Jan 8 at 0:23
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    I voted to mark this as duplicate of the other question because I think from the fact that this question is about miktex makes it very likely that also windows is involved in which case the capitalization would not be a problem. – user36296 Jan 8 at 9:47

TeX is case sensitive. The package name is tikz when called not TikZ. So you should use


If you are doing this (and not using \usepackage{TikZ} as you wrote in your question) then the problem is a transient problem with MikTeX which should be fixed in a day or so as noted in the comments.

This issue has nothing to do with your editor.

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    On Windows the file system is not case sensitive, so tikz.sty and TikZ.sty are the same. Hence kpathsea will find tikz.sty even if one types TikZ. One does get a warning LaTeX Warning: You have requested package `TikZ', but the package provides `tikz'. though, because as you say TeX is case sensitive. – moewe Jan 8 at 7:35

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