For my recent document, I have many words that I want to have a different color.

For that, I use the expression \textcolor{color}{word}. It takes me a lot of time.

I'm wondering if there is a quicker alternative.

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    Why do you need it colored? Is the word important? \newcommand{\important}[1]{\textcolor{importantColor}{#1}}\colorlet{importantColor}{red} And in the document: \important{Renato}. – Johannes_B Jan 8 at 10:31
  • YES!!! how can I check as favorite this comment? – RenatoP Jan 8 at 10:50
  • The core of the question is about semantics, not color per se. As such it is a duplicate. You (or someone else) could later decide that it would make much more sense to use small caps instead of color. Easy change now. Does anybody have a good duplicate at hand? – Johannes_B Jan 8 at 10:58
  • it's a presentation... I think color are more impressive in a presentation (I think) – RenatoP Jan 8 at 12:08
  • It doesn't matter at all what it is. That is the point of semantic markup. – Johannes_B Jan 8 at 12:09

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