I'm learning the official document of the texWorks script.

I saw a way to use the library as below the picture, but I could not find these files everywhere. Someone, could tells me where I can find them? Thank you very much wor

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    which files? the .mod and .js files? they're in the next few pages of that documentation – Troy Jan 9 at 4:24
  • @Troy I've found helper_PhpJs.mod,helper_twPan.mod,mod_general.js,mod_reload.js; But I still can't find phpjs.namespaced.mod. It references the URL "phpjs.org" is cannot reach – Ke R.P. Jan 9 at 6:33
  • php.js is Dead - Long Live Locutus That document was based on info about 7 years ago so I will link you back exactly seven years via \delorian{Jan 2012}. However For the latest info you will need to go back to the future in 2013 etc. via the timeline at the top so press this button http://phpjs.org – KJO Jan 9 at 13:25
  • see also github.com/kvz/locutus/commit/… – KJO Jan 9 at 14:20
  • @KJO you are so nice and I owe you my best thanks – Ke R.P. Jan 10 at 1:39

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