I am new to LaTeX and struggling with understanding of userpackages, .sty, .tfm, etc files.

I have a requirement to create PDF with latex equations in Spanish,Chinese and Japanese.

What I have tried till now :

I tried creating document using Spanish using following code




\vspace{2cm} %Add a 2cm space

Este es un breve resumen del contenido del 
documento escrito en español.

\section{Sección introductoria}
Esta es la primera sección, podemos agregar 
algunos elementos adicionales y todo será 
escrito correctamente. Más aún, si una palabra 
es demasiado larga y tiene que ser truncada, 
babel tratará de truncarla correctamente 
dependiendo del idioma.

\section{Sección con teoremas}
Esta sección es para ver qué pasa con los comandos 
que definen texto


Using pdflatex.exe spanish.tex in command prompt, it gave an error of .sty missing file. During installation of MiKTeX, I had selected the option to download when needed, but it does not download when required and gives FATAL error in the log file.

So, I searched that file on net and kept it in the same location as pdflatex.exe.

The spanish.pdf was generated.

Similary, I tried for Chinese lang data in the tex file.

But if gave lots of missing files - CJKutf8.sty, CJK.sty, CJK.enc, UTF8.bdg, UTF8.enc, etc.

I downloaded them from net but always some or the other file is missing

Chinese PDF document creation questions:

  1. I want to know, for a specific language where can I find all the packages that are required? so that I can download them once and then create PDFs.

  2. Where should be location of the prerequisit files? Once I download the files where should I keep it so that pdflatex.exe will be able to navigate it for that language?

I found that in C:Program files/Miktex 2.9/ there are folders for Babel-English, Babel-Spanish. But nothing for other languages. So, am not clear of where should I paste language specific pre-requisits

I hope the techies will reply with a layman answer at their earliest.

I could not get document for multi-language support for LaTeX as well... If you have something related, please send me the link.

Thanks in advance...


Setting up local repository worked charm for me... Refered the post on tex.stackexchange.com/questions/462203/… . I also included the file "zhmetrics.tar.lzma" as it was required for my Chinese text. So, I downloaded from "mirror.iopb.res.in/tex-archive/systems/win32/miktex/tm/packages". Thank you for the pointers

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