I've created a small custom symbol in TikZ and I've noticed that when I resize the resulting pdf the symbol "bounces around" inconsistently. This means that when zoomed out the result looks odd, with each occurrence of the symbol being slightly off. It's no

For the sake of a minimal example, I can reproduce the bad behavior with this macro.

      \node[shape=circle,draw,scale=0.7,minimum size=3mm,inner sep=1pt]%
      (char) {\textup{R}};

Is there anything that can be done to prevent this inconsistent resizing?

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    off-topic: do you know \circledR from amssymb package? – Sigur Jan 9 at 20:57
  • @Sigur Yeah, thank you though! I'm calling it \myCircledR just to make clear that its custom and this is just a stripped down example of my actual operator. – jozefg Jan 9 at 20:59
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    Any chance you could take screenshots of this variation? Running this snippet, I don't immediately notice what you are talking about. Can you also clarify what PDF viewer(s) you are using? Are you seeing the same behavior in multiple viewers? – whatisit Jan 10 at 2:37

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