The standard way of adding a subject is by using

\setkomavar{subject}{Insert the subject of the letter}

in the preamble of the document. This inserts a line of text before the opening of the letter as follows.

Subject: Insert the subject of the letter

However, I would like to have the subject without the words "Subject: ". Also, I would like to have the subject line in bold, as shown below.

Insert the subject of the letter

How do I do that?


For removing "Subject: " you are looking for scrlttr2's option subject=untitled, whereas for the bold font \setkomafont{lettersubject}{\normalcolor\bfseries} should do the trick. However, as those two are the defaults, you should probably look in your document where you changed them.

\setkomavar{fromname}{Joe Public}
\setkomavar{fromaddress}{2 Valley\\
  ZY32 1XW}
  Club member no.~4711\\
  since 11.09.2001\\
  chairman 2003--2005}
\setkomavar{date}{29th February 2011}
\setkomavar{subject}{Missing general meeting}
    Joanna Public\\
    1 Hillside\\
    WX12 3YZ%
  \opening{Dear Madam Chair,}
  The last general meeting was more than a year ago.
  I would like to remind you that the articles of our
  club stipulate that one should be held every
  six months. For this reason, I call on the executive
  board to arrange such a meeting immediately.
  \closing{Anticipating an invitation}
  \ps PS: I hope you do not take this request amiss.
  \encl{Excerpt from the articles governing general
  \cc{executive board\\all members}

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