Ciao, I am trying to create a tikz figure as shown in the image. Here is my code

  \node[rectangle] (a1) {box 1};
     \node[rectangle,below right=of a1] (a2) {box 2};
    \node[rectangle,above right=of a1] (a3) {box 3};

    \foreach \i/\j/\txt/\p in {% start node/end node/text/position
      a2/a3/2-3/below} \draw [myarrow] (\i) -- node[sloped,font=\small,\p] {\txt} (\j);

enter image description here

I am not sure how to add the rectangles; how to connect the arrows to the side edge; and how to make the arrows straight in situations when the box lengths are different--preferably the arrows will touch the center of the edge.

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Use Tikz shapes library and describe the sides of nodes.


 \tikzstyle{rect}=[ thick, draw=blue, rectangle, minimum width=100pt, 
  minimum height = 50pt, align=center]
  \node[rect] (a1) {box 1};
  \node[rect,below right=of a1] (a3) {box 3};
  \node[rect,above right=of a1] (a2) {box 2};
\draw[->] (a1.north)--(a2.west)node[midway,above,xshift=-2mm]{1-2};
\draw[->] (a1.south)--(a3.west)node[midway,below,xshift=-2mm]{1-3};
\draw[->] (a2.south)--(a3.north)node[midway,xshift=-3mm]{2-3};


enter image description here

  • thanks a bunch. Two final questions; how can i slant 1-3 and 1-2 so they are angled with the arrows lines? Like this: i.stack.imgur.com/Dwv1Y.png – victoria Jan 10 at 13:52
  • @victoria, your welcome. Add sloped option to node, i.e, node[midway,sloped,above,xshift=-2mm]{1-2};Now you can remove the xshift=-2mm. – ferahfeza Jan 10 at 13:55

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