I´d like to add an indicator to my bar chart to indicate which values are better. For example sales per days: bigger/more = better vs. bankruptcies per mio residents: less = better).

Q: How do you call such an "indicator" and how can I generate one with LaTeX (like tikzpicture or bchart)?. It would also be nice to use this indicator-icon within the text.

Here is an example of a bar chart depicting a hardware performance comparison (notice the small indicator at the lower right corner, stating "► Besser" ("Besser" = better [german]).

enter image description here


There are tons of such symbols available. This answer is only to tell you that, if you are thinking of building your own with TikZ, you may want use a \savebox when using it in a bar chart by pgfplots.

\sbox\myarrow{\tikz[baseline]{\fill[blue](0,0.2) --(0.2,0.1) -- (0,0);}}
 symbolic y coords={Vancouver Island,Yellow bellied,Alpine},
 ytick={Vancouver Island,Yellow bellied,Alpine},
 title={Growth of marmot population (\usebox{\myarrow} is better)}]
    \addplot [draw=blue,
        pattern=horizontal lines light blue,
    ] coordinates {
        (2.5,Vancouver Island) (0.5,Yellow bellied) (0.2,Alpine)

enter image description here

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