In this document I tried to have wide figures hang in the outside margins.



~\newpage % just to get a spread

the spread on pp. 2–3 looks like this:

enter image description here

So only on p. 2 is the outer margin used. With margins=hanginside I'll get the opposite. In my original document I assumed I got a problem because of interfering packages, but there is not much else in this file. Is this a problem with floatrow, or something I've misunderstood?

  • The margins=hanginside only works on one page because its a two side document. So on each page the inner and outer margins are opposed to each other. Do you want the figure to hand always to the left? Or always to the outside? – G. Bay Jan 11 at 15:54
  • I use hangoutside exactly because it is a twoside document. There are hangleft and hangright to always hang to left/right, and then there are these options that according to the documentation does different things for oneside and twoside layouts. – pst Jan 11 at 16:04

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