Depending on the letter in the base there is space to the preceded superscript. Letters like T, W, Y use ink in the top left corner, so there is no space, but when using I, D, E, ... (these letters don't have a component in their top left corner) there is space in front of them.

Is there a way to fix this?


$T^b$ %no space

${}^b T$ ${}^b W$ ${}^b Y$ %no space

$I^b$ %no space

${}^b I$ ${}^b D$ ${}^b E$ %spacing between b and I, D or E

$\tensor[^b]I{}$ %doesn't help

Here is a solution which is based on (the second half of) this amazing answer by Hendrik Vogt. It works by hacking into amsmath's accent placement mechanism. I do not fully understand it.

I've defined \presup{<superscript>}{<letter>}, which does what you ask, and applied it to all of the letters you mention. I've additionally applied it to the letters "A" and "J" (which I think are the worst offenders) and to \mathcal{A}. Apart from the "T" (which now looks worse), I think these are all improvements.


\makeatletter %% <- make @ usable in command names
  \let\math@bgroup\@empty \let\math@egroup\macc@set@skewchar
  \mathsurround\z@ \frozen@everymath{\mathgroup\macc@group\relax}%
\makeatother  %% <- revert @


    Bad: & ${}^xA^x$ & ${}^xJ^x$ & ${}^xT^x$ & ${}^xW^x$ & ${}^xY^x$ & ${}^xI^x$ & ${}^xD^x$ & ${}^xE^x$ & ${}^x\mathcal{A}^x$
    Good: & $\presup{x}{A}^x$ & $\presup{x}{J}^x$ & $\presup{x}{T}^x$ & $\presup{x}{W}^x$ & $\presup{x}{Y}^x$ & $\presup{x}{I}^x$ & $\presup{x}{D}^x$ & $\presup{x}{E}^x$ & $\presup{x}{\mathcal{A}}^x$



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