Update on May 11, 2019:

From the third item of the Basic Requirements section of TUG webpage TeX Live package contributions, TeX Live

must refrain from installing generated documentation when there is no source.

Therefore, the source-free doc of clrscode should not been included by TeX Live.

Up to now, TeX Live has distributed new versions of packages clrscode and IEEEtran with source-free docs being deleted, and being substituted by the special README.TEXLIVE file (as shown in @Ulrike Fischer's answer).

If anyone finds other similar violations, you can write to tex-live@tug.org directly.

Original Question:

On CTAN, the package clrscode3e has 3 files, a 75kB PDF documentation, an sty source code, and a README. But using tlmgr, I always can not install the PDF doc. (The package itself can be used and works all right.) The similar package clrscode, which also has 3 files (pdf + sty + README) on CTAN, can be installed from tlmgr with doc as expected.

I also find that my local file clrscode3e.tlpobj, located in TEXMFDIST/../tlpkg/tlpobj/, does not include the PDF doc under tag docfiles, compared to the similar file clrscode.tlpobj.

$ cat clrscode3e.tlpobj | grep -A 3 'docfiles'
docfiles size=2
 texmf-dist/doc/latex/clrscode3e/README details="Readme"
runfiles size=4

$ cat clrscode.tlpobj | grep -A 3 'docfiles' 
docfiles size=11
 texmf-dist/doc/latex/clrscode/clrscode.pdf details="Package documentation"
runfiles size=3

Also, the message received from tlmgr info clrscode3e shows the sizes of package clrscode3e are

doc: 9k, run: 17k

The sizes are so small that definitely no PDF docs is included.

How these differences are produced? And whom I can send feedback about "can not install PDF doc of clrscode3e" to, the maintainer of the package, the texlive team, or the CTAN team?

I am using

  • macOS 10.14.2,
  • TeX Live 2018, and
  • tlmgr revision 49226 (2018-11-23 00:37:16 +0100)
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    On ctan there is only a pdf but no (tex-)source file and this means that texlive will not install it (some debian open source rule ...). You will have to copy it manually in your doc-folder. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 11 at 21:37
  • @UlrikeFischer On ctan there are 3 files, a pdf, a sty, and a README. The package clrscode has exactly the same 3 files on ctan, but can be installed with doc successfully. – Johannes Z Jan 11 at 22:05

TeXlive installs a readme and a readme.texlive in the doc-folder. The second readme says:

The following files have been removed in the TeX Live installation of
the current package, typically due to duplication, lack of space, or
missing source code.  You can find these files on CTAN at
If questions or concerns, email tex-live@tug.org.


The pdf is not installed because of the missing source file.

  • I see. By saying "source file", it means the source file of the pdf doc. But the same condition holds for package clrscode. Why the pdf doc of clrscode can be installed? – Johannes Z Jan 11 at 22:18
  • Sorry I don't understand your question. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 11 at 22:28
  • If texlive removed the pdf file of clrscode3e because missing source code, then texlive should removed the pdf file of clrscode (a different package which also does not upload the source code of pdf to ctan) too. But the fact is I can install clrscode with its pdf, but when I install clrscode3e its pdf is removed. – Johannes Z Jan 11 at 22:35
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    Ah. now I understand. Yes that looks like an error. If someone tells the texlive maintainer about it then they will probably remove the pdf from clrscode too. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 11 at 22:37
  • To update some info: After contacted tex-live@tug.org, TeX Live now has deleted source-free docs in packages clrscode and IEEEtran. And authors of those packages are informed. – Johannes Z May 11 at 8:15

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