In overleaf v1 there was an option called 'history and revisions' where you could save different versions of the same file. Overleaf v2 however seems to not have this feature. There is a 'history' button, but I have no idea how to save the current version there.

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Ok I found out how to do it. Press the 'history' button on the top right corner. A panel appears on the right side. Switch the button on the top from 'labels' to 'all history'. Now on the top left corner of the editor a button called 'label this version appears'.

Make sure to view a single version not comparing other versions. enter image description here

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    I still can't see it :S – Michel Gokan Apr 22 at 17:00
  • Thanks. Helpful. – John Doe May 12 at 1:57
  • I don't see the "Label this version" option – zed111 Jul 9 at 20:20

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