I want to get Springer Author-Year refernce style from *.bib file in LaTeX as follows,

Hamburger, C.: Quasimonotonicity, regularity and duality for nonlinear systems of partial differential equations. Ann. Mat. Pura Appl. 169, 321–354 (1995)

I used the following Springer Template code as






\title{Test Title}
\author{First Author \and Second Author }


Test abstract



But I couldn't get any reference list in my .pdf file after run the .tex file. I am using PDFLaTeX in Kile Tex editor to run the .tex file. I am very beginner for bib file concept. So guide me to get the above reference style in my document. Also guide me how to cite the reference in thew document. Thanks in advance

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    You need to \cite{key} the references in your document (you did not show in your mwe) and to run the usual chain pdflatex mwe.tex, bibtex mwe, pdflatex mwe.tex, pdflatex mwe.tex. – Kurt Jan 12 at 6:58

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