I would like to create a LaTeX equation that has white text on a transparent background, so that I can use it on an array of dark backgrounds in PowerPoint/Keynote.

 V_{\rm eff}(k) = \int d^3r \; \left [ n( { \bm{r} })P(k) \over  1+n(\bm{r})P(k)\right]^2

But doesn't work. Any thoughts?

  • Please note that two letter font commands, such as \rm are deprecated and should no longer be used. – samcarter Jan 13 at 13:53

With the standalone documentclass one can create a document which just contains an equation and (in case PP/keynote cannot directly import a pdf) convert it into a .png with transparent background:



M87 = \mathrm{cool}

(needs to be compiled with shell-escape enabled)

enter image description here <- Hard to see here, but this produces an image with transparent background and white font

  • Why is it necessary to compile with shell-escape? – Lupino Jan 14 at 12:52
  • 1
    @Lupino Because the convert option uses an external program to convert the resulting pdf to png. To allow this the shell-escape option has to be used. – samcarter Jan 14 at 12:53

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