I need some help to reproduce the following algorithm in LaTeX enter image description here

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The algorithm is written using algorithm2e:

enter image description here





  \caption{Basic BDI agent control loop}
  \KwIn{$B_0$: Initial beliefs}
  \KwIn{$I_0$: Initial intentions}
  $B \gets B_0$\;
  $I \gets I_0$\;
  $\pi \gets \funccall{null}$\;
    $p \gets \funccall{getPercept}()$\;
    $B \gets \funccall{update}(B, p)$\;
    $D \gets \funccall{wish}(B, I)$\;
    $I \gets \funccall{focus}(B, D, I)$\;
    $\pi \gets \funccall{plan}(B, I)$\;


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