I have an \allowdisplaybreaks command in my document, but I want to create a section where there aren't any. Is any any command that does that?


According to Section 3.9 of the User’s Guide for the amsmath Package: “When display breaks are enabled with \allowdisplaybreaks, the \\* command can be used to prohibit a pagebreak after a given line, as usual.” Or, you can try issuing \allowdisplaybreaks[1] after the section header to “allow page breaks, but avoid them as much as possible”.

The undocumented usage \allowdisplaybreaks[0] is supposed to disallow pagebreaks altogether. By default, \allowdisplaybreaks is the same as \allowdisplaybreaks[4].

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    "When all else fails, read the manual." – John Kormylo Jan 14 at 15:59

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