Could someone explain to me how I could draw, using tikz, the following picture? enter image description here I have tried for many hours, but I have not achieved anything. Thanks for your help an time, I really appreciate it!


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as starting point:

enter image description here

\documentclass[tikz, margin=3mm]{standalone}
\usetikzlibrary{arrows.meta, positioning, quotes}

node distance = 12mm and 12mm, 
   box/.style = {draw, rounded corners, 
                 minimum width=22mm, minimum height=5mm, align=center},
            > = {Straight Barb[angle=60:2pt 3]},
   bend angle = 15,
         auto = right,
\node (n1)  [box] {text\\ text text text 1};
\node (n2)  [box, below right=of n1]    {text\\ text text 2};
\node (n3)  [box, above right=of n2]    {text\\ text text 3};
\draw[dotted,->] (n1) to ["label 1", swap]  (n3);
\draw[dashed,->] (n1) to [bend right, "label 2"]  (n2);
\draw[->]        (n2) to [bend right, "label 3"]  (n1);
\draw[->]        (n2) to [bend right, "label 5"]  (n3);
\draw[dotted,->] (n3) to [bend right, "label 4"]  (n2);
\end {document}

here on site is many similar questions with answers. you should fist search for similar ones and try to draw an adoption to your need. also helps reading of tikz & pgf manual, for start a tutorials ...

  • library arrows.meta is for drawing arrows
  • library positioning is for positioning of nodes
  • library quotes is for labeling of arrows. syntax for this is ["<label text>"]. option swap move label on oposite side of arrow
  • option bend right is for bending lines (to right side)
  • other should be self explanatory with above code

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