My product has a requirement for latex support. I do not want to install MikTex on the client machine(because if I include it, the setup size is too large). I want to identify the basic set of files required to generate a pdf document (I am using pdfLatex to create PDF from the tex file provided). Is there a way to identify which files will be required by the latex script in picture? Steps done to create PDF from a directory other than installed MikTex directory :

1)I have renamed the installed MikTex folder in Program files. 2) I created a folder C:/Data/ in which I have kept my pdflatex.exe and .tex file for which the pdf is to be generated 3) Using command prompt, create pdf using command for generating PDF file 4) It gives a popup which indicates missing file and the package in which we should get the file. (As now, the installed directory of MikTex is renamed, the missing file is not found) 4) When I search the missing file name in the installed directory of MikTex, it is present. I copied that file and placed it in the directory (C:/Data/) and repeat step 3, still same file missing popup is displayed.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated, for identifying the basic files required and does it require to keep them in a specific folder structure.

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