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I am trying to write those with $\begin{equation}$ and $\end{equation}$...but exactly this figure is not coming! How to write those in latex s.t. it is written in picture? Thanks!

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    If you use an equation environment, you don't need $...$ around it. Can you show us what you have tried that does not exactly give this figure? – samcarter Jan 16 at 15:30
  • Those are coming but not exactly as in fig. i.e. line by line (as in the big.) – user454229 Jan 16 at 15:32
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    Then please show us what code you have so far. I'm sure we can help you to make them line by line. – samcarter Jan 16 at 15:34
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    Learn about align* environment. – manooooh Jan 16 at 15:34
  • This is something I’d use the split environment for: look it up in Section 3.4 of the manual of the amsmath package (texdoc amsmath). – GuM Jan 16 at 19:47

Try to use the align environment.


    B' &=-\nabla \times E,\\
    E' &=\nabla \times B - 4\pi j

enter image description here

Change the equations for those you need.

If you don't want them labeled put an * right after align like: \begin{align*} math \end{align*}


You can do it by using the amsmath package or the mathtools. Here is a MWE



    \phi^\lambda_\sigma A_t &= \sum_{\pi\in C_t} sgn(\pi)\phi^\lambda_\sigma\phi^\lambda_\pi \\
                 &= \sum_{\tau\in C_{\sigma t}} sgn(\sigma^{-1}\tau\sigma)\phi^\lambda_\sigma\phi^\lambda_{\sigma^{-1}\tau\sigma}\\
                 &= A_{\sigma t \phi^\lambda_\sigma}

A similar answer can be found here


In the line of Yourgos's answer, and to be more specific, if you want:

  • no numbering at all, use either aligned inside equation* or align* (without equation).
  • a single equation number for this multiline display, use aligned in equation
  • one equation number per line , use align
  • equation numbers one some lines, use align but add \nonumber on the lines to left unnumbered
  • single equation number postfixed with a, b,c etc, enclose align environment inside subequation environment.

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