I'm getting a citation undefined error when compiling my document. The `main.tex``document contains (among others) the following code:


Chapter02 includes several references. E.g.: \citeA{mortimer2015development}

My references database, called references.bib contains the following:

title={Development and validation of the Self-Gifting Consumer Behaviour scale},
author={Mortimer, Gary and Bougoure, Ursula Sigrid and Fazal-E-Hasan, Syed},
journal={Journal of Consumer Behaviour},
publisher={Wiley Online Library}

When I compile my main.tex file (latex > bibtex > latex > latex) I get the error:

Citation 'mortimer2015development' undefined. Which gives me a PDF output of ? (?).

I'm working on a Macbook with Texmaker.

How do I solve this?

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    Using ... in the preamble of a document is a bad idea. Anyone that tries to test your file has to remove them. The file 02-chapter also not available, presumably there's the cite of the journal article? – user31729 Jan 18 at 19:05
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    @ChristianHupfer Very sensible to steer clear of them. I'll delete mine to keep the comments clean. I suggest OP checks the bibtex log file, and spelling. I have no trouble compiling your bibtex entry in a suitable document. – Paul Stanley Jan 18 at 20:00

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