I accidently closed texstudio during compiling after that it is not compiling my files and it's just showing compiling sign... However running for hours doesn't changed anything... Please suggest ASAP...

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    Remove the .aux file first, then try again. – user31729 Jan 20 at 0:26
  • Did you already tried to compile in console? - What is the output? – Ahrtaler Jan 20 at 9:34

I would rename the main file and compile it again.

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    First step prior to as you suggest is in TeXstudio from menu select Tools then Clean auxiliary files If that does not work then File > Save As > new name – KJO Jan 20 at 15:18
  • @KJO I totally agree with your way, but I think for some people it is easier to rename the file that to find auxiliary files. But again, form my part I would take your solution ;-) – Arne Timperman Jan 20 at 17:46

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