I need to set the background color in my definition of the title but I don't know how I can do. I have the next definition:

\pretitle{\vspace{-90pt} \begin{flushleft} \HorRule \fontsize{20}{20} \usefont{OT1}{phv}{b}{n} \color{AzulUnir}  \selectfont }
\title{This is the title of the template article}   
\posttitle{\par\end{flushleft}\vskip 0em}   
\preauthor{\begin{flushleft} \large \lineskip 0em \usefont{OT1}{phv}{b}{sl} \color{AzulUnir}}   
\author{Firstname Lastname, 
 \postauthor{\footnotesize \usefont{OT1}{phv}{m}{sl} \color{Black} Universdad \par\end{flushleft}\HorRule}

[EDIT] I'm using this template http://www.howtotex.com/download/2col-color-art-howtotex.tex but I need to customize the background color in the title and a in the section but I don't khow how to make none of them.

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    And please compose a full minimal working example (MWE) that can be compiled out of the box: For example, it is not clear where \pretitle etc. is defined - I suspect you use the titling package. Please add all the relevant information to your question.
    – diabonas
    Mar 7, 2012 at 14:14

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It's quite unclear what you want to do; however this changes the background color of the title to green (pick your favorite color)

  \vskip 1ex}
\title{This is the title of the template article}

The code should go in place of your original \pretitle and \posttitle definitions.

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