I have a github page. I have a school project that I want to display in my Github page. There are several equations and figures related to this project. How could I write down this equation and draw figures in my Github page. I know how to write down equations and draw figures in .tex file.

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  • Are you talking about the README of your github page? – Werner Jan 22 at 0:00
  • Yes. The page with extension .md. – Encipher Jan 22 at 0:02
  • 1
    Math on Github: Rendering math equations – Werner Jan 22 at 0:09
  • gitlab supports equations in markdown files. You could move your project there. – Christopher Barber Apr 30 at 19:36

GitHub doesn't support equations in a readme file; you're best embedding an equation using a service such as iTeX2img.

See further How to show math equations in general github's markdown.

  • Can you explain how could I use the link iTeX2img? When I write something in the mentioned link it has 3 options Web Page, Forum, Twitter, Google Docs. Which one work. When I copy one of this link in the github .md page it show the link url as plain text. No equation. – Encipher Jan 22 at 0:14
  • Look further down for the Web page embed code, which you can add to your file. – Andrew Dunning Jan 22 at 0:16
  • Under the embed code there is 3 option Webpage, Forum, twitter and google doc. Which one is appropriate? – Encipher Jan 22 at 0:18
  • As I noted, you want the 'Web Page' option. – Andrew Dunning Jan 22 at 0:56
  • Web page option not working. – Encipher Jan 22 at 6:00

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