I tried importing a csv table, using the package csv simple:




first there were more than 300000 entries, so it didn't work, but since I need only the head of the table, to show general structure, I modified the data and only let 10 rows, so latex showed something, but the problem still is, that there are too many columns to show them in my paper.

The paper just is too small.

Is there a simple way to show the head of one .csv data showing all the columns, or, if not, can I cut the table along with the a4 paper, to make everything visible?

  • You could look at the basic examples on texblog.org/2012/05/30/… which links forward to \longtable but unsure if it will suit your needs, others may address your needs better for wrapping csv tables across pages. – user170109 Jan 22 at 14:32

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