I'm having problems with cross-referencing tables and figures. There is a mismatch between the table number in the caption and the table number on the cross-reference in the text. I'm writing a report and the number of the table in the caption appear as "Table X.Y" being X the chapter number and Y the table number. The cross-reference in the text varies depending if the table is on a chapter, section, subsection or subsubsection. For example, if I make a table in section, the table is cross-referenced as table in the text, but on the caption says "Table 2.1". I would like the text to say "table 2.1" and not "table".

Any advice to solve this problem?

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    Probably you have the \label in the wrong place. Put it behind the \caption. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 23 at 15:35
  • no, I have it correctly, after the \caption – Martín Jan 23 at 16:36
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    Then you will have to show a complete example code. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 23 at 16:38

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