When I want to use package, it always said: can not find actuarialsymbol.sty. I don't know where to download this file. Last time when I met this problem with another package, I download the .sty directly and put it in the same folder.

But this time, I can not find the file.

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  • the package is texlive and miktex and on the ctan archive, where did you look? – David Carlisle Jan 23 at 20:45
  • Welcome to TeX SX! What is your distribution? – Bernard Jan 23 at 20:45
  • 1
    if you use texlive tlmgr actuarialsymbol should work, other distributions will have equivalent package update commands, but the details will depend on which tex system you are using.. – David Carlisle Jan 23 at 21:02
  • Please tell us exactly how you try to load the package. E.g., do you write \usepackage{actuarialsymbol}, or do you write \usepackage{actuarialsymbol.sty}? (The latter method should generate the following error message: "LaTeX Error: File actuarialsymbol.sty.sty not found.") – Mico Jan 23 at 22:47

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