Submitting NSF proposals requires you to submit your references in one PDF, and the rest of everything you write in another PDF.

So my challenge is to \cite{something} from my external references.tex - and also to do so without putting


anywhere in my abstract, or anywhere else, since the references cited are supposed to be in their own pdf

i actually found a pseudo-solution, but it is really bad. it entails building the pdflatex witch


and then deleting


from my .tex file and building again. On the first 'build', my references cited remain with numbers instead of [?] (and my bibliography disappears because i deleted it)- but this is a bad solution because if i build a second time, all of the [numbers] turn to [?]

  • Maybe you can compile the document with the references section, and then split the resulting pdf into two parts (with pdftk or something similar)? – Marijn Jan 24 at 15:38

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