I found a template online, its good but I want to change the part where it says "Research Experience"

![enter image description here

I want it to be in one line instead of one under the other. I am very new to latex and couldn't find how to do it in the template. here is the code

\section{\Large{Research Experience}}

\section{\rightline{Oct 2018 - }}
\textsf{\textbf{Parallel Hashing}}, \textit{Program for Undergraduate Research}, Sabanci University\\[-27pt]
\section{\rightline{Present }}
Parallelizing City Hashing,MurMur Hashing,Tabulation Hashing algorithms
with\\SIMD instructions, improving their performance. 

I just need to make it ignore the columns for that specific line. How can I do that?

There is the link to the template https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/recent-grad-resume-template/gjxncvsftpqr .


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It should be sufficient to use

  [Research Experience] % ToC entry
  {\makebox[0pt][l]{\Large Research Experience}} % Text entry

which allows for setting the sectional unit within the ToC as well (doubt there is one in what seems to be a resume/CV). The \makebox[0pt][l] construction sets the title inside a zero-width box that is left-aligned, allowing it to stretch as far right as needed without interfering with the margins/columns.

If you want some consistency in terms of formatting, don't include font-related macros as part of sectional units (your \Large). Instead, (re)define \section to always use/add that, taking care not to impede functionality with the ToC entries (you obviously don't want \Large to migrate to the ToC as well).


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