I'm setting up my job application portfolio, and want to link my email address. However, when I insert the pdf with the linked email address to my portfolio, the link does not work properly anymore.

It works just fine without an underscore.

  1. Creating document "email"

  2. Inserting the pdf


I expect the hyperlink to be fnm_lnm@abc.org, but instead it reads lnm@abc.org.

  • Welcome to TeX.SE! Are you talking about the typeset appearance of the e-mail or about the hyperlink? – Phelype Oleinik Jan 24 at 20:53
  • I'm referring to the hyperlink. – U. Manhold Jan 24 at 20:55
  • For me no hyperlink is generated whatsoever. According to this thread there is a "pax" project: tex.stackexchange.com/q/14620/134574 I tried to make it work but failed. – Phelype Oleinik Jan 24 at 21:04
  • Strange that no hyperlink at all is generated for you. In the documentation of the pdfpages package it says that it is unable to copy links. I also came across the pax project, but didn't work for me neither. – U. Manhold Jan 24 at 21:26

I get no link in the included pdf (as the package documents) neither xpdf nor windows firefox detect any link.

acrobat does make a bad link starting from after the _ but (I think) that is just "guessing" a link and inferring it from the text. If you use OT1 then \_ is constructed as a rule not a character, so if the pdf reader is guessing email addresses of the form <letters and dots>@<letters and dots> then it will not include the prefix. However with T1 encoding \_ does resolve to a character in the font and so the heuristic gets lucky.

  • Doesn't work for me, I still get the same result. Don't know why. I'm working with TeXstudio compiling with PdfLaTeX using MiKTex. Any ideas why results could differ? – U. Manhold Jan 25 at 14:43
  • @U.Manhold as I say, not working is the expected outcome. There is no link in the pdf so most viewers I tried the issue does not arise at all. Only acrobat of the viewers I tried try to guess a link from the text here and guesses wrong if you use the default OT1 encoding. – David Carlisle Jan 25 at 14:45

I found that adding \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} in line 3 of email.tex eliminates the problem. Admittedly, I don't really understand why. The link in the second pdf (generated from the file that includes email.pdf) isn't highlighted, but it does work.

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