I would like to do Gantt chart in Latex thus I'm studying http://ftp.math.purdue.edu/mirrors/ctan.org/graphics/pgf/contrib/pgfgantt/pgfgantt.pdf, where I can do something like:

enter image description here

by coding:

hgrid,vgrid,time slot format=isodate-yearmonth,time slot unit=month
]{2018-09}{2019-06} \gantttitlecalendar{year, month} \\
    \ganttbar{Task 1}{2018-09}{2018-10} \\
    \ganttbar{Task 2 - Do something}{2018-11}{2018-12} \\
    \ganttbar{Something else}{2019-01}{2019-02} \\
    \ganttbar{Another task}{2019-03}{2019-4}

I can change the way month is shown with \gantttitlecalendar{year, month=shortname}:

enter image description here

And it becomes a mess with \gantttitlecalendar{year, month=name}

enter image description here

One way to manually space things is x unit=10mm:

enter image description here

How to auto space things?

  • Do you mean something like x unit = width("November") ? – Symbol 1 Jan 29 at 0:18

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