As it seems, I am having issues with my Miktex (2.9) distribution, as I am not able to download necessary packages, neither on the fly nor via the package manager. The following error message keeps poping up:

enter image description here

When checking the repository status (miktex.org/pkg/repositories), the relevant host is shown as online. It seems not to be particularly linked to any Wifi issues as it does not work on a number of Wifi connections. When trying to install on the fly via TexMaker/R Sweave, the following error keeps coming back

enter image description here

I can not simply change the repository as the first error message will be shown.

Any ideas?

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    your issue is reminiscent of firewall / proxy problems are you in a corporate/educational setup or have managed internet access ? – user170109 Jan 25 at 15:57
  • Is your issue solved? How? – Mensch Aug 7 at 1:10

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