pdx procuces a pdfa.xmpi with a lot of spaces and empty newlines (extract of end of file):

tail pdfa.xmpi | cat -A
   <xmpMM:DocumentID>uuid:C8CFC28F-88E1-7995-E9AD-F6D12EAD346B</xmpMM:DocumentID> $
   <xmpMM:InstanceID>uuid:2BA3C2FE-24F8-FAA5-433E-126193A30373</xmpMM:InstanceID> $
  </rdf:Description> $
 </rdf:RDF> $
</x:xmpmeta> $
<?xpacket end='w'?> $

The issue is mitigated with latest version 2018/12/22 1.6.1

A valid pdfa.xmpi without the spaces can be obtained with this processing:

sed -e 's/ $//' -e '/^ *$/d' -i pdfa.xmpi

Is there any reason for those ugly spaces (I see a comment about padding in pdfx.sty)?

Is there a way to inject the sed hack in the pipeline to produce a clean output?

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