I've already found solutions here that work over \rowfont{} but not automatically adjust by even and odd number of lines.

I think about a case function it would work well for the first lines and then for the next. Unfortunately I don't understand the syntax and possibilities in LaTeX. Could someone please give me a solution for the problem

\usepackage{array}% http://ctan.org/pkg/array
\g@addto@macro{\endtabular}{\rowfont{}}% Clear row font
\newcommand{\rowfonttype}{}% Current row font
\newcommand{\rowfont}{% Set current row font


        \textbf{Hello}& \textbf{World} \\
        \textcolor{Black}{Foo} & \textcolor{Black}{Bar} \\ 
        Hello & World

I think you can achieve your needs easily with a TikZ matrix.

The options every odd row and every even row allow you to set a style for even and odd rows without complicated code.


   \matrix [
        matrix of nodes, 
        nodes in empty cells,
        column sep=-\pgflinewidth,% if you don't want a visible separation between columns
        column 1/.style={
            nodes={text width=3em},%put the width you prefer here
        column 2/.style={
            nodes={text width=4em},%put the width you prefer here
        every odd row/.style={
            nodes={fill=blue, text=white},
        every even row/.style={
        every node/.style={
            text height=1.75ex,
            text depth=.25ex,
        ] {
        Hello & World \\
        Foo & Bar \\ 
        Hello & World\\

enter image description here

  • TikZ allows us to do a lot of crazy things - thank you for share every odd/even row!! – manooooh Jan 27 at 9:55

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