How to encode special unicode symbols as in here in latex?

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My apologies for misunderstanding your question the first time. Here is a template that reproduces the example you gave in XeLaTeX. (Okay, I replaced the tildes with en dashes.)

\documentclass[varwidth = 10cm, preview]{standalone}
% This document class is appropriate for a TeX.SX MWE.  In a real document,
% you will want to change it.

% Workaround for a bug in Babel 3.22:
\babelprovide[script = CJK, language = {Chinese Simplified}]{chinese-simplified}

% This example uses the Noto font family.  Any OpenType font should work.
\babelfont{rm}[Scale = 1.0, Ligatures = TeX ]{Noto Serif}
\defaultfontfeatures{ Scale = MatchUppercase, Ligatures = TeX }
\babelfont{sf}{Noto Sans}
\babelfont[chinese-simplified]{rm}[Ligatures = Common]{Noto Serif CJK SC}
\babelfont[chinese-simplified]{sf}[Ligatures = Common]{Noto Sans CJK SC}

\newfontfamily\miscsymfont{DejaVu Sans}

% Also define U+4DC0-U+4DFF.

    \item Miscellaneous Symbols (U+2600--U+26FF):
        \item \foreignlanguage{chinese-simplified}{兩儀:}U+268A--U+268B (⚊ ⚋)
        \item \foreignlanguage{chinese-simplified}{四象:}U+268C--U+268F (⚌ ⚍ ⚎ ⚏)
        \item \foreignlanguage{chinese-simplified}{八卦:}U+2630--U+2637 (☰ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷)
    \item \foreignlanguage{chinese-simplified}{六爻符號:}
        \item \foreignlanguage{chinese-simplified}{六十四卦、易經:}U+4DC0--U+4DFF

Font sample of Chinese with Trigrams

You need to load the trigram symbols from a font that contains them. Another option would be to use ucharclasses with the character class MiscellaneousSymbols, although this does not play well with Babel.

  • Thanks for your help! I do not have trouble in Chinese encoding and I am using ceCJK. It is the special symbols I am having issue with. I can input them ok (C-x 8 RET 2630), but it does not show in pdf output. – Tony Tan Jan 27 at 23:26
  • @TonyTan Sorry for misunderstanding. You mean the trigrams aren’t displaying? You’d want to make sure to load them from a font that supports them, for example DejaVu Sans. I’ll update my answer. – Davislor Jan 27 at 23:32
  • @TonyTan Thank you for the clarification. Is this new answer more what you were looking for? – Davislor Jan 28 at 0:10

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