Whilst working with figures and footnotes, I noted a footnote placement issue. I have tried the different solutions listed in Using \footnote in a figure's \caption, which does not work for me as I have the figures on a separate page, forced to a specific location in the document using floatbarrier (From testing the issue is stemming from the page placement). The footnote appears on the page before the figures or after. Any ideas how I make the footnote text appear on the same page of the figure?



% \usepackage{footmisc}




some text


some text. some text\footnote{Foot note text 1}. More text
    \begin{minipage}{.7 \linewidth }
        \caption[A caption 1]{A caption 1}
        \caption[A caption 2]{A caption 2\footnotemark{}.}
    \end{minipage} \footnotetext{reproduced from ... }   % is showed before figure page

%\footnotetext{reproduced from ... }   % is showed after figure page



Page one footnote Page two footnote

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    it is not an unreasonable requirement but latex does not support page footnotes on float pages. You could use a minipage inside the float and so get a minipage footnote under the caption. – David Carlisle Jan 27 at 12:23

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