Update: The formatting issue is caused by a bug with reledmac (see comments). Would it be possible to achieve the same output with an alternative setup? Very happy to receive suggestions.

I am having some formatting issues with numbered lists while using the enumitem and reledmac packages. I have placed nested lists within a ledgroup using reledmac as I want the footnotes (two types) to appear at the end of each section instead of the bottom of the page. (The lists and numbering are as they should.) As shown in the example, spacing between some but not all items is not as it should.

Is there any way to resolve this? Many thanks.



\setlist[description]{style=standard, labelwidth=3em, leftmargin=!, parsep=0pt, itemsep=0pt, nosep, font=\normalfont}
\setlist[enumerate]{align=left, labelwidth=2em, leftmargin=!, parsep=0pt, itemsep=0pt, nosep}

\usepackage[series={A, B},noend,noeledsec]{reledmac}
\bhooknoteX[A]{\vskip -3pt\noindent} 
\bhooknoteX[B]{\vskip -3pt\noindent} 




    \item Item 1\footnoteA{This is a test.}
    \item Item 2\footnoteB{This is another test.}
        \item Item 3
    \textit{Some text}
        \item Item 4
        \item Item 5
                \item Item 6
                \item Item 7
    \item Item 8
        \item Item 9
        \item Item 10
        \item Item 11
        \item Item 12\\



enter image description here

  • I am sorry to tell you that is a limit of reledmac, and I have no time to debug it. – Maïeul Jan 27 at 21:21
  • Many thanks @Maïeul for your clarification and sorry to hear it won't be fixed in the short term. – John Jan 27 at 21:34

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