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I need to have a real map like the one attached, and I do some writing on it ?? Any suggestions please enter image description here

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    Is the map a simple image that already exists? – Tom Jan 27 at 16:50
  • @Tom: Most likely it is a screen shot of some map application, e.g. some .png or .jpg file. – user31729 Jan 27 at 17:16
  • If the map is an already existing file of .jpg, .pdf or .png format, use TikZ to overprint it with math content. If it is not existing, use Tikz as well ;-) – user31729 Jan 27 at 17:20
  • Yeah. I got it from academic paper – Mohamed Jan 27 at 18:01
  • See also graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/119641/… (possible "duplicate") – Tom Jan 27 at 22:24

I will assume that you have the map as a picture (.jpg, .png, ...).

I am using the example image from the graphicx package. To illustrate the use.

You can use TikZ to draw on the image and add lines. I have added two points and a connecting line. The points are arbitrarily named (here p0 and p1). You can add many points and connect them with the a line (just add -- (p3) and so forth to the existing one).

% with ideas from https://stackoverflow.com/a/2628796

\usepackage{graphicx} % for example images

    \begin{tikzpicture}[every label/.style={fill=white, inner sep=1mm}]

    % styles
    \tikzstyle{myLabel}=[draw=black, circle, fill=white]
    \tikzstyle{myLine}=[draw=blue,  double]

    \draw (0,0) node[inner sep=0] {\includegraphics[width=10cm]{example-image-a}};

    % nodes
    \node[myLabel,label={above:$(l,t)_2^D$}] (p0) at (1,2) {} ;
    \node[myLabel,label={right:$(l,t)_3^D$}] (p1) at (3,1) {} ;

    % lines
    \path[myLine] (p0) -- (p1) ;

this example will look like this:

example image

With a picture of a "real" map (and a photo by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pexels) it will look like this:

map with text on it

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