In the following sample code, the 10pt row separation is ignored if I use the colortbl package. I know this has been an issue and was reported last year and apparently it was fixed. I am running MiKTeX with the latest updates. My version of colortbl is 1.0d Tue Dec 18 13:34:14 2018. I also did a full update of Miktex to make sure I had the latest packages. Are there any other packages, other than colortbl, I need to make sure that are fully updated?




3.4 \\[10pt]
5.6 \\[10pt]
7.8 \\[10pt]


With colortbl:

enter image description here

Without colortbl

enter image description here

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  • I just want to add that it took we a couple of hours to figure this one out. It was only because I found a clue in another StackOverflow question that I realized one had to update MiKTeX in admin and user mode. For a newbie, this would not be obvious. Hence I decided to include the answer here. You are free to delete if need be, as I know now how to correctly update MiKTeX in future. – rhody Jan 29 at 16:37

Figure it out after getting the following error on my full project file after I updated everything: "Use of @startpbox doesn't match its definition.” and going to:

"Use of \@startpbox doesn't match its definition." Error on a Table

The solution is to do MiKTeX updates in administrator and user modes. The MiKTeX console lets you select user or admin mode. Select each in turn and install updates.

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