Creating ToC of parts using \parttoc, I'd like to be able to define pagestyle of ToC generated. In the next code, I have been able to define a pagestyle to every page I wanted, except to ToCs of parts. This is the code:


%Define general pagestyle
\fancyhf{}% Clear all headers/footers
\fancyhead[L]{Left header}\fancyhead[C]{Centre header}\fancyhead[R]{Right header}
\fancyfoot[L]{Left footer}\fancyfoot[C]{Centre footer}\fancyfoot[R]{Right footer}

%Define general ToC pagestyle

%Modifying part page pagestyle

\part{part 1}
\section{section 1}
\section{section 2}
\part{part 2}
\section{section 3}
\section{section 4}


Could someone help me to define pagestyle of ToCs generated by \parttocas the other pages?

Thank you.

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  • \renewcommand*\thispageparttocstyle{\pagestyle{toc}} changes the pagestyle of the first parttoc page to toc. BTW: Note that \tableofcontents\thispagestyle{toc} sets the pagestyle of the last TOC page to style toc. – esdd Jan 28 at 12:02
  • That works me, thanks! I add a \begingroup \endgroup to not affect the rest. – Daniel Jan 28 at 17:16
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