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How to remove the self-reference of the ToC from the ToC?

I am using memoir with the article setting. For some reason my table of contents has a double "Contents" heading:

Screen shoot showing the double headings

Why are there two, and how can I get just one?

Here is the code:

\documentclass[12pt, article]{memoir}


    \chapter*{My article}

        Lorem Ipsum\ldots

    \subsection{Subsection 1}

Read chapter 9 of the memoir manual. The commands \tableofcontents, \listoffigures and \listoftables have both non-starred and starred variants. Non-starred variants add their own titles to the ToC, the starred variants behave as in the standard document classes.

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  • Ah, so that's what's going on. It is actually a part of the ToC! I first thought I was blind considering I had tried to read that chapter but I was trying to figure out why it had double header, not how to make it not add itself to the ToC, so that explains that! :) – jonalv Mar 8 '12 at 9:09

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