I like to center one chaptername like the appendices at the following example, but I dont know how to handle it.


I thought about using \vfill, but then I think I can just center it at 50% of the page and not at ~30%.

Thank you for helping.

  • It depends on your document class. However the chapter title is inside a \parbox and the "Chapter #" is outside it. You might be able to use part instead. – John Kormylo Jan 29 at 18:40

I have used the \titleformat command from the titlesec package but I don't know if this fits the question.



\chapter{ A normal chapter}

{\titleformat{\chapter}[display]{\vfill \centering\bfseries\Huge}{\chaptertitlename~\thechapter}{1cm}{}[\vfill\vfill\vfill\clearpage]

\chapter*{A vertically (\(\sim 30\% \)) centered chapter}}
\chapter{Another normal chapter}

enter image description here enter image description here

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