To start off, I have a particular workflow I'm trying to support - I frequently find myself going into LyX to create a small equation or image, and I then generate a pdf and take a screenshot of it to upload/paste somewhere.

I have been trying to change this annoying workflow to add an export option (and hopefully eventually a shortcut) that will do this process automatically. Specifically, generate a pdf, use imagemagick convert to create a cropped image, and either save that to a file or to a clipboard.

I haven't been able to find any LyX support for doing a series of actions this complicated. I have found the File Handling -> Converters option, and made a png exporter. This works, but as far as I can tell cannot be made into a shortcut (requires going into File -> Export -> More Formats...), and it means that will be the only export mode for that image format.

  • You can use standalone to make sure that your picture/equation covers fully the PDF page. And now converting from a PDF page to an image file is easy (like what I have done with my SE avatar). Btw, there are many tools (not LyX) which helps you to generate automatically image file from equation/picture commands. – user156344 Jan 29 at 3:02

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