I have a problem with the table of contents.

When I redefine the style of the chapter, the name of the table of contents (at the top of the table) is not displayed.

If I have understand well, the style of the table of contents is defined by the style of the chapter. But it doesn't matter the style I use, it's never displayed.

Do you have any idea, what can cause that ? Is a package missing ?


      {\begin{picture}(330,180)} {%
            \colorbox[named]{Aquamarine}{\Huge \textcolor{white}{\thechapter}} 
        \textcolor[named]{Aquamarine}{\sc{\put(40,235){\parbox[t]{300pt}{\huge\filright #1}}}}


enter image description here enter image description here


You should use the numberless key since the table of contents is a numberless chapter, like this:

\titleformat{name=\chapter, numberless}[block]{...}{}{0pt}{...}

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