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I need to write this transesterification reaction and give it an equation number. How can I do so?

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    Welcome to TeX.Stackexchange. Have you taken a look at the chemfig package with a documentation available at http://tug.ctan.org/macros/generic/chemfig/chemfig-en.pdf ? It would be great if you could edit your question to give a starting example that shows how far you have progressed. That would make the task of contributors easier, and you would get your problem solved faster ! – Partha D. Jan 29 at 20:40

I would suggest to use two packages for this: chemfig and chemmacros. chemfig handles the drawing part, and chemmacros handles scheme numbering and creation of the list of schemes (plus, you need it anyway if you type chemistry with LaTeX).

Reaction scheme

        atom sep        = 2em,
        bond join       = true,
        modules = {all},


                    3 ROH
        \arrow(.mid east--.mid west){<=>[Catalyst]}
        }{Alkyl esters}
    \caption{Transesterification of triglyceride with alcohol.}



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