I'm trying to create a very modular table for a project, where each row is constructed by a command. If I try to set a row color for a table row generated by a command with optional argument, gives the error message:

! Misplaced \noalign.
\rowcolor ->\noalign 
                     {\ifnum 0=`}\fi \global \let \CT@do@color \CT@@do@color...
l.9     \myRowA{bbbb}

Using \cellcolor instead works, just as well as converting the optional argument to a mandatory. Only row colors in combination with optional arguments give that error.

Here is a minimal example showing the problem:


    \rowcolor{blue} #1 & #2 \\ \hline


Any idea what I'm doing wrong or how I can make this work properly?

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    commands with optional arguments are not expandable, and this means that \rowcolor is not the first command in the row. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 29 at 22:27

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